Locksmith Baltimore – Your Problem is Our Job

Welcome to Johnny The Locksmith Baltimore MD, It is our pleasure to start our new branch location in the big city of Baltimore MD, with more then 5 years in the business we know a thing or two about locksmith services, from residential to commercial, from cars and homes lockout services to car key replacement and so much more – any type of locksmith service you need we got your back.

We are proud to be in the Baltimore city area and provide our services to the community and the near by city’s, with a great team of professional technicians to service you out there at your home or business and an advance locksmith shop for your prompt needs.

When you bring in your locks or in need of a key copy for your house office or car on the spot, for all these needs we are right here for you at 3210 Eastern Ave, Baltimore MD or only a phone call away at (443) 639-4393.

We are confident we can answer all your locksmith services that you may have for us at your business, home or when you will bring it to our locksmith store.

We Provide Locksmith Services Such As:

Re-key locks – Singles and master locks re-key.
Bought a new house and don’t want the previous owner old keys to work on your door.  Tenants are moving out in new tenants are coming in, are you’re renting a new place and don’t know who had the key before you…? Are you letting go of an employee I’m not sure if you have an extra copy to come back and do some shopping in the middle of the night…? Rekey locks is a good option when you swan to be cost-efficient and not replace the hardware but just the key so no one will have a key for your lock and you can sleep good at night.

Locks change – Onsite consult to best fit your home or office needs.
When moving into a new house sometimes Deluxe can be old are not really the design you have in mind for your new home, changing locks can be for so many reason such as design malfunctioning colors level of security and so on, yes changing your keys can be a simple and cost-efficient solution but if it doesn’t match and not something that you want to keep then you might as well go ahead with changing your locks.

Lost keys recovery – Residential, commercial and automotive.
At some point in life everybody loses their keys, if it’s to your house to your business, store or to your car or truck, it’s a human mistake and it happen all the time and we deal with these situation on a daily base, we have the skills and the right tools to make the solution simple and recover your keys and get you going and back on track with your life as soon as possible.

Car key replacement – We cover most vehicles keys lost or extra.
Lost the keys to your car…? Broke the key in half…? Fob is all smashed and not functioning…? Our car specialist heard it all – step on it, drive the car over it, the kids drop it in the toilet, any excuse you got, you name it we already heard it but there is one bottom line to all of it – we made the keys and made it happen, old car new car, high security Keys car and push to start we do it all not a problem, our high performance equipment is ready to take on the challenge as the technician ready to overcome the Obstacle of making a key for your car, call us with the right year make and model and will solve your problem fast…

Safe Lockouts – Big or small we will find a way to get it open.
No, it’s usually does not happen like in the movies, we don’t bring in a high-end sophisticated equipment but we are more than happy to help you get your safe unlocked, in case your combination is messing up or if for some reason your key is not working or you lost the combination and lost the keys, we call it where there is a will there’s a way and one way or another we will look at that safe open….

Lockout Services – Home, office or just your car – we are fast and officiant.
Everybody got locked out at least once or twice in their life, if it’s the car keys in the car when you didn’t pay attention or the keys to the house when you were sure you had them with you but found out the hard way that they’re right behind you on the counter behind the closed door, getting locked out is something that happened on a daily base for so many different people it’s basic human mistake and nothing to be ashamed of or put yourself on the too much stress over it because we are fast and efficient and we will get you going and back on track as soon as possible.

Key Copies – House keys, business, office, cars and trucks – NO PROBLEM
Mom and dad need extra key just in case…? better have a spare key in case that… form basic house keys to commercial and different looking keys we got your back, on site or in the shop, we can make you key copies for most keys that out there on the market today, Cars and SUV’s – not a problem at all, double sided or high security laser cut keys – we duplicate and program your keys and be happy to do so…

Our Team

We have skilled team of techs that knows what they are doing and trained to do it best with one thing in mind – top customer service and the best results that mach your needs and pocket, with years of experience and the best knowledge the market has to offer – we will make it happen so you can keep on going with your life as if nothing happen.

More Locksmith Services

Just like any other business we have a store location to provide you with all your basic needs such as:

  • Key Duplication.
  • Locks re-key on the spot.
  • Car Key Duplication – from basic to high security – no problem
  • House and commercial locks.
  • Cars, Suv’s and trucks remotes.
  • House Locks – From basic to high end locks.
  • Commercial Locks.

If you start working on it and now you are not sure what to do just bring it in, we will try to do our best to fix and guide you how to get it done the right way when you get back to it.