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House Lockout Service

Now days most people get locked out of there house because they are in a rush to do something such as kids, work, and appointments to doctors and such, we understand the day to day pressure and we are ready to be there to help out to get you going as fast as you need it to happen.

Basic lockout service – pick a lock, air wedge or bump method to gain entry back in to your home

Non basic lockout service – If you broke your key in the cylinder, if you have a pick proof lock, if your lock needs to be drilled, if your lock has been abused, if you have a – glue, broken chip, metal, sand and so on in the cylinder that prevent us from picking your lock. (Yes, this list was based on experience)

Car Lockout Service

It’s very simple – most car lockouts being done the same way, you all saw that before, air wedge, a long stick and it’s done. It is also true that there are a few vehicles out there that make our life harder and for that it can take much more time such as BMW, Acura, Rover and VW.

What is a Conventional service you ask…?  A simple car lockout – air wedge and a stick like said so.

What is not Conventional service you ask…? If you broke your key and need a new one, if you lock your keys in the trunk – some cars need to have a new key because of that (ask Mercedes dealership for example and see what they say)

Many companies are out there that can provide lockout services for your home or cars, not all companies provide a flat rate over the phone or only give you a “starting price”, any professional locksmith company should be able to give you a flat rate price for the sevice no matter if it’s for your house, office or car, SUV’s, minivans, sport cars and pick-up trucks. Call now for fast reliable service you can trust.