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We provide quick response 24/7 emergency service for Baltimore and all nearby cities. Did you close the door and then remember you left the key behind…? Are they still on your counter or on your dining room table…?

Call now – 443-6394393  Don’t feel bad about that it happens to the best, your mind can be trouble with lots of other things in life and forgetting your keys are just one of those things that happens.

Having a great locksmith team in the Baltimore area only say one thing, we know what we do and we do it best.

We always ready to do the job right and we are equipped with the right tools to do so, unlock your locks in the most efficient way.

You do not need to trouble yourself thinking have you installed the right lock for you or not, our techs are here to help and advice you and your family on all the info you need about locks and the one that are right for you, . Knowing the latest techniques for old and new locks getting inside your house without any damage to the frame or your door.

If you ever find yourself in this situation it’s important to stay calm and do the right thin – call a locksmith, call Johnny The Locksmith and we will get you going back on track and fast…! You’re only a click away 443-6394393

Priceless Entry at a Small Price

It’s the worse feeling to be locked out of your own home, and it feels great to get back inside. We are proud of being the most affordable locksmiths in Baltimore. For a minimal fee, we can open the lock, repair it or replace it, and have you inside in time for your favorite TV show.

People usually call their local emergency service in situations like these. They will be able to help you but not without breaking down your door.  A new door alone will cost you a lot. So why not call us and simply have your lock opened?

More Residential Locks Services

We provide number of residential services related to house lockout, sometimes getting locked out of a house can be for many different reasons such as forgetting the keys in the house or forgetting them at work, in other cases is when you lose them or when you are not so sure who might have them…

In that case the smart thing to do will be to change the locks or in some cases just rekey the cylinders, therefore we offer the following services as well:

  • Installing lock mechanisms
  • Locks mechanism repairing
  • Keyless entry systems
  • Locks replacement and
  • rekeying all cylinders

If it got to do with locks we do it all, in order to secure your home and family, that is why more and more customers trust us with their most valuable place in the world – HOME. Call today, we have same day service and a fast and reliable emergency lockout service.